has multiple and flexible payment options. It facilitate customers with all available payment modes. These are given in the following. Each customer can adopt payment method as per one’s ease.

1- Mobile Payment

2- Bank Payment Options (This option is not active for the time being)


1- Mobile Payment 

These  are the following numbers to transfer amount:

1- Jazz Cash account —– 0300-4612172

2- Easy Paisa account —- 0341-4255877

The detail  is in the following:

Mobile payment is an  easy and convenient way to pay small amount even Rs. 10 or less to do online  shopping. carefully analysis all available mobile payment  options. We found that all mobile companies are  charging prepositional amount  as service charges, except Jazz Cash.

We adopt Jazz cash mobile  account to receive small amounts because amount transfer from one jazz cash account to another Jazz cash account is free of cost. Customers can transfer amount in our Jazz Cash Account 0300-4612172 and send confirmation message as well to speedup shipping process.

         1.1- How to Transfer Amount in Ketab’s Jazz Cash Account

  •  Dial *786# from your mobile phone
  •  Select option number 2 ” Money transfer”
  • Select option number 1 “Mobile Account”
  • Select option number 2 “Mobicash”
  • Enter Ketab’s jazz cash account number 0300-4612172 as a receiver’s mobile number
  • Enter rental amount which is require to transfer against your documents
  • Please enter your four digit mobile pin
  • Amount will be transferred to Ketab
  • You will receive confirmation message shortly
  • Forward this confirmation message at 0300-4612172 for quick processing of your requests or send detail to use our online “Confirmation Form” .

Ketab will process your request as soon as receive payment confirmation message

        1.2- How to Open New Jazz Cash Account

A user has no jazz cash account earlier, needs to dial *786# from his/ her verified jazz SIM. Shortily new jazz cash account will be opened. It will ask to set four digit MPIN which will be used to authenticate transactions.

        1.3- How to Deposit Amount in Jazz Cash Account

There are lots of jazz cash retailers in almost all  cities. A user needs to visit jazz cash retailer. His/ her mobile number is jazz cash account number. Give him ones account number and amount which you want to deposit in your account. In a moment, retailer will transfer said amount in your jazz cash account. Now you are free to use it.

         1.4- Jazz Cash Account App

Jazz cash account app is also available at play store. One can install App to manage funds.


2- Bank Payment Options provide following two options to pay through bank:

        2.1- Online Transfer in Account

        2.2- Payment Through Cheque


         2.1- Online Transfer in Account

Customers can  pay bill amount through online transfer in our bank account.


        2.2- Payment Through Cheque

Ketab customers can pay through cheque. The cheque will be written on the name of book seller (vendor) except Vendor will directly clear amount and deliver books to customers who will pay through cheque.

Vendors will deal directly  with library customers. They can deliver books to libraries on approval without clearing payment.