faqQ: How can I purchase a book from ketab?

The purchase procedure is very easy on ketab. One need to follow the following steps:

1- Select a book

2- Click on “Add to cart”

3- Click on “Proceed to check out”

4- Select payment option and click on “Place  order”

Q: What are payment modes to purchase books?

Please see “Payment methods

Q: What is delivery procedure in ketab?

Please see shipping guide to know  more about delivery procedure.

Q: If a book is not available at ketab site, can I purchase even then?

Yes, if a title is not available at the moment on ketab. Please click on Not available books form and send required title information. Our representative will contact you very soon with your order detail. You will send price amount at  said source and requested book will be sent to you.

Q: How I can return  book/s to a vendor on ketab?

Please  see our return policy.